Human resources

Metarom’s growth is based
on common HR values

Becoming a Metarom employee means integrating a fair, distributive compensation policy, using digital work tools and project-based working to progress, develop one’s employability throughout one’s career and share a positive, meaningful vision and corporate culture.

Our commitments
towards professional

- Developing and passing on professional expertise, through a program of top-quality on-the-job training courses and an open, learner-directed style of management,
- Promoting staff innovation and commitment, by assigning responsibilities to each and every employee and helping them go as far as they can
- Boosting proximity management, through a support and training program of our 25+ managers

Our score in 2021: 93 out of 100!

That is our professional gender equality index, which makes us very proud.

Our quality of worklife agreements

- Work-life balance - Health and Safety in the Workplace - Involvement of the company in a CSR initiative

Learn about
our skills

Our company develops a large number of skills, all carried out by passionate employees.

Boris Caramel R&D Engineer
Alexandre Flavorist
Ornella Quality Control Laboratory
Jérôme Head of Logistics

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