Ice creams, dairy products, plant-based deserts

Create a convincing flavor signature for your ice creams, dairy products and plant-based desserts

Explore the art of fine food with our flavorings and natural flavorings designed to enhance your ice creams, yogurts, dairy products and milk-based desserts. You will find all the classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, caramel, strawberry, coffee and more, as well as distinguishing notes like salted butter caramel, matcha and fig.

Discover irresistible ice creams and dairy products, rich in taste and naturally delicious, while meeting the demands of today’s consumers. Offer your customers products that combine pleasure and authenticity.

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Ice cream


Dairy products and plant-based desserts

Red fruits

Our flavorings provide an infinity of tastes and meet a multitude of challenges

Metarom is passionate about creating food flavorings, mainly sweet flavorings, for human food and beverages. We dedicate ourselves to supporting the food processing sector along every step of the creation and industrialization process.


We have been by your side since 1953 to provide you with a wide range of customized solutions which have been tested and approved and are designed to enhance your products and create a unique signature.

Active solutions

Aware of public health issues and keen to work alongside the food industry in the search for solutions, Metarom develops active solutions to meet the growing demand for healthier, more natural products.

Finding solutions to reduce sugar and fats without compromising flavor is a challenge to which Metarom has responded by creating the Acti’sens solutions. These are part of a global flavor approach that takes into account the nature of the products and their nutritional objectives.

Caramels for fillings and toppings

Caramels intended for fillings and toppings are technical caramels, obtained by controlled cooking of sugars in the presence of other ingredients, such as raw materials of dairy or vegetable origin (condensed milk, vegetable fats, texturizers, etc.).

These give the resulting caramel a touch of fine food and technical expertise. Our formulations are adapted to the challengs of today and tomorrow, with original, sustainable and organic ingredients, as well as to your specific requirements: vegan, halaal, kosher, etc.

and fillings

Our caramels are suitable for all ice-cream specialties: bars, cones, tubs, pots, sticks. They can be used as toppings, mixes and more. They are specifically formulated to be totally freeze-stable and retain a smooth, gourmet texture at any temperature.

For dairy products and plant-based desserts, our caramels can be used in panacotta, cheesecake, cream desserts, rice puddings, etc. They can be used as underlays, toppings and mixes. When used as an underlay, they are specially textured for perfect hold in your molds. For cooked creams, such as egg custards, they are stable during cooking.

Our Market Newsletters

Metarom has been sharing resources linked to trends in the various sweet food markets since the beginning of 2021.

We are currently analyzing 7 sectors: cereal products (cookies + yellow dough), ice cream, dairy products and plant-based desserts, non-alcoholic soft drinks, beer and spirits.

Marketing teams are analysing the trends in these markets, changes in flavor notes, regulatory updates, etc. Translated into English and German, our Lettres Marchés – or “Market Newsletters” – is a library of important resources of information for food manufacturers.

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