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EN - Roue des notes céréalières

Discover our cereal notes wheel

The flavors in our cereal wheel offer a variety of tastes for different products. Corn, a pronounced flavor typical of cookies, can also be used to add toasted notes to yellow pasta. Oat flavoring lends light coffee and smoky notes for a unique experience. Spelt is characterized by fruity raisin notes, and is often found in bakery products. Rye, with its complex flavors, blends notes of walnut, chestnut and cocoa. Finally, buckwheat kasha has flavors of clove and cinnamon.

Dual Expertise

On flavor and

a family and
human adventure

The family business began with the creation of caramels. The company then started to diversify by creating flavoring solutions. The company began exporting in Europe and then internationally. Metarom has managed to keep the same family spirit and human values it had when the company was created in 1953.

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