The company

Promoting a safe, healthy,
sustainable food to meet the
needs of consumers and territories

(all about indulgence)

Metarom creates flavoring solutions and caramels according to the needs and expectations of its clients in the agri-food business. Our team uses its expertise to provide a personalized support. We highly value the quality of our products, which are designed and manufactured in compliance with human and environmental values. This approach reconciles indulgence and health

Taste is closely
linked to
local culture

Therefore Metarom Group’s subsidiaries over the 5 continents work independently in creation, R&D and production, in order to meet consumers and industrials’ expectations as closely as possible.

Metarom Benelux Chaussée de Ruisbroek 209 Ruisbroeksesteenweg 209 B-1190 Bruxelles, Belgique B-1190 Brussel, België +32 2 333 00 20 Metarom France 3, avenue de l’étoile du Sud, Pôle Jules Verne 80440 Boves, France +33 322 388 600 Metarom CZ Měšická 3130 CZ-390 02 Tábor, Czech Republic + 420 381 210 773 Metarom Iberica Polígono Industrial Rosanes Avenida Europa, 23-25 SP-08769 Castellvi de Rosanes Barcelona, Spain + 34 937 735 453 Metarom UMA 6, Bloc 1 Zone Industrielle 13000 Benslimane Maroc +212 523293682 / +212523293672 Metarom USA 4211 Ponderosa Avenue, Suite B San Diego, CA 92123 +1 858 300 0484 Metarom Andina Carrera 28 Nº71 B - 53 Bogota, Colombia + 571 225 4566 Metarom Asia Primont Perdana Industrial Park- 9 Jalan IPP Industri Primont Perdana - Desa Aman 4700 SUNGAI BULOH - Selangor - MALAYSIA +60 3 27 14 6210 Metarom Australia 117 Stephen Road, Banskmeadow NSW 2019 AUSTRALIA + 61 (2) 9317 5002 Metarom France 3, avenue de l’étoile du Sud, Pôle Jules Verne 80440 Boves, France +33 322 388 600 Metarom Allemagne Am Feldberg 39 337671 Höxter 05531-140 003
Être à vos côtés

Nous proposons un
accompagnement personnalisé
adapté à vos besoins.

Support shape
Support shape
Support shape

A human-sized

Metarom focuses on understanding and supporting its employees. Every employee is encouraged to be proactive, develop their skills, and express their full potential within the team

a family and human

The family business began with the creation of caramels. The company then started to diversify by creating flavoring solutions. The company began exporting in Europe and then internationally. Metarom has managed to keep the same family spirit and human values it had when the company was created in 1953.

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