Our support

Our expertise and support
entirely customized
to the needs of
small and large companies
in the agri-food business.


your needs

We offer you personalized support, starting with support to help you express your needs. This step is important in helping us build your project together, with a full understanding of all technical, economical and regulatory challenges.


Our proposals
for adapted solutions
and applications

Our team provides expertise and creativity to offer functional solutions focusing on indulgence, through samples and finished product applications.

Our laboratory

Final adjustments
with your teams
in a workshop

The workshop with your teams is an opportunity to discuss propositions. Real-time adjustments will lead to the final proposition, entirely adapted to your needs.


Validation of the
proposal and follow-up
of the delivery

Our documentary, regulatory and customer relation departments will help you with any request or logistics issue to get you off to a good start.

Our workshops

These are collaborative workshops, between our respective technical and marketing teams, to guarantee precise and rapid results. An excellent way to support your challenges

Our decision support tools

We have developed a number of decision-making tools.

  • We provide training to help you use the flavoring wheels in order to guide you and help you express your expectations.
  • Our “mappings” are used to categorize products to help you define your perfect product signature.
  • Subscribing to our Market Newsletters is also an easy way to keep an eye on consumption trends and regulatory evolutions…

Our training

We have also developed training modules which can be carried out on our site, on your premises or even by video conference. We deal with a number of subjects: from technical aspects to regulatory aspects, we adapt the modules to your needs.


Flavor'Classes specifically deal with flavorings. We share everything about a flavoring, from its history to how it is created. Naturalness, extracts, the Nutri-score, boosters... we can provide training in every subject allowing you the optimal use of flavors in your products.

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Cara'Classes specifically deal with caramels. From organoleptic issues to rheology issues and from viscosity to baking stability... We will get you acquainted with every criteria that will make a difference in your finished products.

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Our teams of R&D technicians, engineers and flavorists are in direct contact with our clients’ technical teams, if that is our clients’ wish. When a lab talks to a lab directly, both can benefit from better precision and efficiency.

The efficiency of a
customized support!

Looking at our latest client satisfaction survey, we can see you are satisfied with our customized support!

98.5% of our current clients are satisfied*
98.4% of our clients say they would recommend us*
96.7% of clients are satisfied with our product propositions*
*these figures are taken from our annual satisfaction surveys
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