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Consumer trends : discover our Newsletters per sector

Consumer trends : discover our Newsletters per sector

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Consumer trends : discover our Newsletters per sector

As a food manufacturer, you have a duty to develop new products and renew your existing ranges so as not to tire your consumers, meet their new expectations and open up to new targets. Launching a new product or range represents a major investment for a food company. So before embarking on such a project, it’s a good idea to take a close look at market trends to ensure that the launch will be a success.

That's why Metarom, manufacturer of food flavors, offers you the opportunity to discover the latest consumer trends with our sector-specific market newsletters. They'll show you what products, flavors and trends are hot in the beer, spirits, soft drinks, cookie, ice cream, yogurt and cake markets.

What’s new in the beer market?

In 2023, beer became the favorite alcoholic drink of the French, taking over from wine. This turnaround has also been made possible by the growing popularity of alcohol-free beers and flavored beers.

What’s new in the spirits market?

In spirits, 2023 saw an increase in gin consumption in Europe. Fruity cocktails are also making a strong comeback.

What’s new in the soft drinks market?

More and more consumers are looking for non-alcoholic drinks that are good for their health and well-being. Herbal drinks and infusions are thus naturally gaining in popularity.

What’s new in the cookies and cakes market?

The markets of cookies and cakes are also marked by this healthy trend. Manufacturers have to succeed in the feat of removing sugar from their products, making them with healthier raw materials and guaranteeing a good Nutri-Score, while retaining comforting, regressive flavors and tastes.

What’s new in the ice cream and sorbet market?

Once again this year, the ice cream industry has come up with some indulgent and innovative trends. When it comes to ice cream, consumers are above all looking for a treat.

What’s new in the yoghurts and desserts market?

In the dessert market, the major trend in 2023 is the search for protein-rich dairy products with health and nutritional benefits.

A need? We will support you in developing flavors which will enhance your products.

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