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Our trendy flavor: figs

Our trendy flavor: figs

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The flavor of the moment: Figs

The origin of figs

Fig trees are renowned for their ability to grow in a hot, dry climate. They adapt perfectly to the Mediterranean climate. Figs have been cultivated for thousands of years. The fruit is pear-shaped, with a very thin skin. It was a much-loved fruit in Greece, Rome and ancient Egypt.

A few years later, figs were introduced to many other regions. Today, fig trees can be found in Southern Europe, North America, North Africa and Western Asia.

Fig trees are generally grown in summer and autumn, depending on the variety and region. When the fig is ripe, it is soft to the touch and detaches easily from the tree.

Over time, different varieties of fig have been developed. We can find this fruit in different colors, sizes and flavors. Popular figs are purple, white or black.

What are the benefits of figs?

This fruit has many health benefits. They are one of the most energy-rich fruits. Thanks to their carbohydrates, figs are perfect ally for physical activity and endurance sports.

This fruit is rich in dietary fiber, which helps to regulate intestinal transit and keep the digestive system healthy.

It contains antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols, which help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Figs provide essential vitamins and minerals.

Figs contain large quantities of calcium, vitamins K and B6.

photo de figues posées sur une table et d'une figue coupée

In which products is the fig flavor found?

Fig flavor is found in a variety of food products.

In fact, it is very popular in baked goods. Thanks to its sweet flavor, it can be used in cakes, muffins, biscuits and even bread. Figs can be incorporated directly into pastry or used as a filling.

They are also very popular in jams and jellies. They can be combined with other ingredients or used alone. This fruit can be used to create rich, delicious jams.

With their many health benefits, such as fiber, carbohydrate and nutrient content, figs are ideal in energy bars. Figs add a natural sweetness while providing long-lasting energy.

You can also find fig flavor in yoghurts. They add a touch of sweetness and a pleasant texture.

Main associations with fig flavor

icones de noix
icone de miel
icones d'épices
icone de fruits

Nuts: almonds, hazelnuts or pistachios,


Spices: cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla,

Fruit: Apples, pears, grapes

A few launches

emballage de biscuits à la figue
pâte à tartiner à la figue
  • Company : Interdis, France
  • Brand: Carrefour Bio
  • Market: France
  • Launch : July 2023
  • Company : Auchan, Poland
  • Brand: Auchan
  • Market: Poland
  • Launch : July 2023
barres de céréales à la figue
yaourt à la figue
  • Company : Misura, Italy
  • Brand: Misura Natura Ricca
  • Market: Tunisia
  • Launch : March 2023
  • Company : Liberté, France
  • Brand: Liberté
  • Market: France
  • Launch : April 2023

Source: Mintel GNPD

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