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WEBINAR : Cross-category coconut mapping

WEBINAR : Cross-category coconut mapping

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Find out about the coconut flavoring mapping in Europe, for biscuits, pastries, dairy products and plant-based desserts, plant-based beverages and alcohols, and ice cream. 

In 45 minutes:

1- You will find out about the markets’ product MAPPINGS. Our sensory analysis expert will explain everything about profile mappings and the most frequent flavor creations for each sector.

2- You will be informed about how the use of coconut flavor has evolved in France and in Europe.

3- You will discuss regulations in order to find your way through labeling, designation, visual representation, organic certifications...

4- You will be able to understand the structure of coconut and will find out about its multiple flavoring aspects, with the help of our extracts and our flavorists’ passion for formulations.

Use this Webinar to get acquainted with the flavoring language and to find out about the market, and get ready to formulate your own future hit products, coconut-flavored of course!

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