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Metarom labeled „Industry of the Future Showcase“

Metarom labeled „Industry of the Future Showcase“

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Metarom France, a company specialized in the creation and production of aromas and caramels, has been awarded the “Industry of the Future Showcase” label

The French “Industry of the Future Showcase” label awarded by Alliance Industrie du futur is designed to promote businesses of all sizes that have undertaken a “remarkable and inspiring processing” industrial project, a symbol of dynamism and competitiveness. The Hauts-de-France region, with its 16 labeled companies* out of the national total of 92, is one of the three leading regions for innovation, behind Île-de-France and Pays de la Loire. The Region supports businesses in this approach with the Industry of the Future diagnosis which can reach up to 8,000 euros per service provided.

For Céline Hocquet, the Managing Director of Metarom France, one of the labeled businesses: “The fact that Metarom France is recognized as an industry of the future means that we know how to capture the skills and resources for the growth of our business, sign a personal career agreement with every employee to guarantee collective and personal satisfaction, and dare to imagine tomorrow’s services and challenge our markets. The initiatives that have been set up mean that today Metarom is part of an excellence network and that we are proud to be an ‘Industry of the Future Showcase’.”
They are talking about it:

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