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Natural Caramel Flavor: A new step towards naturalness and pleasure

Natural Caramel Flavor: A new step towards naturalness and pleasure

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How is our Natural Caramel Flavor made?

Natural Caramel Flavor is made from a blend of different sugars that are cooked according to the processes used to obtain a source raw material. These processes impose precise constraints in terms of temperature and pressure, and numerous tests have been carried out in advance to find the optimum sugar mix.

Once the cooking of the caramel is finished, we move on to the distillation stage. We add a solvent to the caramel, heat it and recover the flavor molecules from the caramel. It is at this stage that we obtain our caramel extract.

This extract is then recovered by flavor specialists to give it a particular character, to make a Natural Caramel Flavor adapted to different sectors of activity:


Cereal products: cookies, cake

Beverages: beers, soft drinks, spirits, syrups

Ice-cream & dairy products

crème brulée aromatisée à l'Arôme Naturel de Caramel


  • Organic: NXF are the only non-organic flavors that can be used in organic products
  • Vegetarian

Three-fold expertise at the service of our customers.

This CaramelNXFis made possible by our unique and renowned three-fold expertise. Our “Caramel” department is responsible for selecting and cooking the sugars. This stage requires numerous tests to obtain a precise type of caramel. Our "Extract" department then handles the separation process by distillation to create the extract. This extract is subsequently processed by our “Flavors" department to give it a signature in line with our customers' needs.

Unique in its kind because of its production cycle, we are responsible for both the production of the caramel and its distillation, right through to producing the NXF. This NXF is the result of several months' collaborative work.

Our expertise in caramel enables us to offer a favorable price thanks to our large production capacity.

Strict legislation and clear labelling

Before talking about our Caramel NXF, let's redefine what a Natural X Flavor (NXF) is. Definition of NXF according to Regulation (EC) No 1334/2008 Art. 16 and the EFFA

A “natural X flavor” is a flavor in which the aromatic part is composed of at least 95% X. The flavor of the part derived from X must be recognizable in the final product, and the remaining maximum 5% should not replicate the taste of X in an identical manner. Since flavoring agents do not all have the same perception threshold, and this threshold is not easily quantifiable, the validation of the ‘flavor recognition’ condition is based on the opinion of one or more experts (e.g. a qualified flavoring expert or a panel) – it is a case-by-case decision at company level.

Regulations are very important in the creation of a Natural Caramel Flavor. To be able to call our product an “extract”, we have to comply precisely with the conditions for cooking and obtaining the raw material. As you can see, in addition to mobilizing our three areas of expertise, we are also supported by our legislation department, which ensures that the specifications are observed.

Caramel NXF, a gourmet asset in the food industry

In a world where consumers are increasingly looking for naturalness and indulgence in the products they consume, our natural caramel flavor is the perfect embodiment of this trend. Our customers in the agri-food sector can offer products that meet consumer expectations in terms of authentic taste pleasure and transparency of ingredients. This flavor ensures the creation of products that will delight the taste buds of young and old alike, while meeting their health requirements.

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