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The flavor of the moment: Chestnut

The flavor of the moment: Chestnut

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The origin of chestnut:

Chestnuts come from the chestnut tree, a species that appeared millennia ago. The chestnut tree originated in the mountainous regions of Turkey. Today, chestnuts are grown in many parts of the world. We can find them in Europe, Asia and North America. In Europe, in the Middle Ages they had to be cultivated in many mountainous regions. It was an essential food source for the inhabitants of these regions, especially as other crops had difficulty growing.

Chestnuts are grown in temperate climates. Chestnut trees need rich, well-drained soil. They can produce large quantities of fruit every year. There are several varieties of chestnut. They differ in size, flavor and even texture. Some are ideal for eating raw, while others are better for cooking.

Chestnuts are generally harvested in autumn in the northern hemisphere, from September to November. However, this period can vary according to a number of criteria, including the variety of chestnut, weather conditions and altitude.

Chestnuts ripen from late summer through to autumn. The best time to harvest them is when the burr (the thorny outer shell) begins to open naturally and the chestnut can be seen inside.
In many parts of the world, chestnut-growing is a tradition. It is often associated with local festivals and celebrations.

Italy is the land of the chestnut par excellence. Chestnut civilization is very much alive in the valleys of the pre-Alpine massifs, particularly along the Apennines as far as Sicily. In France, Ardèche is the largest chestnut-producing region, followed by the Dordogne and Lozère.

châtaignes posées sur une feuille

What are the benefits of chestnuts?

Chestnuts also offer a number of health benefits thanks to their nutritional composition. They are rich in nutrients, with an excellent source of vitamins C and B6. They also contain essential minerals.

Thanks to their energy content, chestnuts were an important source of nutrition before the introduction of cereals. Chestnuts are also rich in fiber, which “aids digestion”. 

Chestnuts provide many benefits for the health. But it is important to note that they are relatively high in calories. They should therefore be eaten in moderation.

In which products do we find chestnut flavor?

Chestnut flavor is often used in a variety of food products. It remains a very popular ingredient in sweet recipes. It can be found in many different applications, including sweet cookies, ice-creams, drinks and dairy products.

Chestnuts can also be associated with different flavors:

icone fève tonka
icone vanille
icone poire
icone cannelle



A few launches

bouteille de vin à la chataigne
  • Company: Le Moulin du Pivert
  • Brand: Le Moulin du Pivert
  • Market: Germany
  • Launch: October 2023
  • Company: Pagès
  • Brand: Pagès
  • Market: France
  • Launch: October 2023
yaourt à la châtaigne
glace à la châtaigne
  • Company: Olga
  • Brand: Vrai
  • Market: France
  • Launch: October 2023
  • Company: Häagen-Dazs
  • Brand: Häagen-Dazs
  • Market: Japan
  • Launch: September 2023

Source: Mintel GNPD

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