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CFIA 2024 – Rennes – Parc des Expositions – Hall 4 Stand A58

CFIA 2024 – Rennes – Parc des Expositions – Hall 4 Stand A58

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Metarom is launching its first “Upcycled Range”, conceived to avoid wasting any of the raw materials it sources and uses in the process of creating its flavors, and will be showcasing its “Best of” Flavors, Active Solutions and Fillings as its answer to the challenges faced by food manufacturers in their quest to combine health, indulgence and naturalness.


Following on from the development work they presented at CFIA 2023 in the form of an eco-designed cocoa shell extract, Metarom is pleased to introduce its full range of upcycled flavors in 2024. This product range was designed in response to the concerns of food and beverage manufacturers, particularly in the biscuit, pastry and confectionary industries, to find natural solutions for producing applications that align with consumer expectations to limit the use of natural resources in the composition of their finished products.

At Metarom, we have always been keen to innovate our processes by using all the resources of the raw materials we use to create added value, and in particular those resources considered worthless.

We do this by finding ways to create new extracts from by-products obtained from our in-house extraction processes or from partners’ by-products.

We seek collaborations with partner producers and identify local players in our region to create projects that use co-products from food processing. 

Our range is made up of extracts and NXF from:

  • Achenes from sieving whole strawberries, a focus of innovation and collaboration with a local supplier in our region
  • Caramel: Co-product of the distillation of caramel extract 100% made by Metarom
  • Cereals: Oat bran and wheat bran, used in human food
  • Cocoa shells: with a supplier who recycles agrifood waste
boisson aromatisée à la fraise

BEST OF Essentielles, ACTI'Sens, Caramels and Fillings:

Our must-haves for all sectors of applications using natural flavor solutions to reduce fat and sugar to create healthier and more natural products

Metarom France has accumulated considerable expertise in the creation of flavor solutions over the past 70 years, today boasting a wide range of tried and tested flavors dedicated to the creation of “your” ideal flavor for the sweet food industry.

For the CFIA 2024, Metarom has selected its best flavors from its newly created Essentielles ranges, representing the 10 essential top notes for your application sector.

These BEST OF flavor notes will give a unique and effective flavor signature to your biscuits, yellow dough pastries, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks and any spirits you imagine. Our selection of BEST OF Acti'boost products will help you overcome the challenges of meeting the requirements of the new Nutri-score calculation; in changing the recipes of your finished products in favor of fiber, these nutritional solutions will help you reduce the sugar or fat content of your finished products.

Up there with the latest trends: a selection of our BEST OF Caramels and Fillings 

4 fillings will be offered at the CFIA 2024 to demonstrate our range of possible techniques that empower you to keep pushing the envelope of indulgence and meet the demands of delicacy, taste, respect for the environment, and health.

A caramel half-salted butter filling for baked goods, pastries and confections without a texturing agent classified as additive, a vegan raspberry filling for chocolate makers with technical capabilities identical to a conventional filling, a delicious hazelnut and cocoa filling with hazelnut milk flavor for ice creams and dairy products – particularly popular – and a bake stable caramel filling, one of our essential fillings for baking that does not impact the flakiness or proofing of the dough.

biscuit fourré au caramel beurre salé

Journalists who would like to find out more about Metarom France’s new flavor solutions and interview Bénédicte Chenuet, Metarom France Marketing Director, can contact Léa Doucet, press officer, 0 777 385 285,

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