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Cereal flavor signatures to enhance your products 

Cereal flavor signatures to enhance your products 

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Cereals have been part of our diet for thousands of years, but today they have a place of great importance. More and more consumers are looking for authentic, natural and organic flavors in their food. Cereal products offer an ideal answer to this move towards a more natural diet. And this is why Metarom, specialist creator of food flavors, helps food manufacturers develop flavor signatures based on real cereals such as oats, spelt, maize and rye. These cereal flavors help add a distinctive sensory dimension to their cereal products (bread, pastries, cookies, breakfast cereals, yellow dough) as well as their other offerings (dairy desserts and ice creams). It also helps them to meet the demands of today’s consumers: a return to nature, the pursuit of well-being, responsible consumption and more.

A flavor wheel from which to choose the perfect cereal flavor for your products

However, with cereal flavors being so subtle, it can be difficult for food manufacturers to determine which flavor is best suited to a particular recipe:




Yellow dough products

Breakfast cereals

Ice cream


That is why we at Metarom have developed a creative, systemic approach to identify and isolate the subtle flavors of cereals: our cereal wheel. This innovative concept is based on a detailed analysis and classification of the taste and scent notes specific to six cereals, each selected for their character and popularity: sesame, maize, oats, spelt, rye and kasha (buckwheat).

Our cereal flavor wheel is divided into several segments that capture the essence of each cereal, from notes of toasting or smoking to hints of vanilla or spices. This diversity enables food manufacturers to choose the exact signature that will complement or give new life to their recipes.

Do you like this flavor? Discover our cereals wheel!

Why a cereal flavor signature?

Besides enhancing the natural, authentic aspect of your products, cereal flavors can play a key role in helping them stand out in a competitive market. Metarom’s range of flavors can be used to bring new life to the sensory experience offered by your products. They add a depth and complexity of flavor that can turn an ordinary product into a sophisticated culinary creation.

With our cereal flavor signatures, you have the possibility to innovate and personalize your range of products. Our expertise gives you the flexibility to develop bespoke flavors that are adapted exactly to your specific needs, giving you the opportunity to create recipes that really stand out on the market.

Would you like to add more flavor to your cereal products by increasing the complexity of their signature with an oat, rye or maize flavor? Would you like some advice on which cereal flavors would best complement your products? Whatever your objectives, Metarom’s expertise is there to help you find the best cereal flavors to enhance your products.

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