Pastry flavourings

Pastry is a gourmet, conservative family where pleasure comes first.

Tradition is based on strong and differentiating “signature” notes: leaven, cereals, vanilla, butter, orange blossom…

However, consumers are looking for new keys to choice such as transparency of the supply-chain and channels.

The environmental impact is now coupled with more visible nutritional expectations, with the arrival of Nutriscore and mobile applications.
Texture, softness and shelf-life are important factors for industrials in the sector.

Our flavorings provide an infinity of tastes and meet a multitude of challenges

Metarom is passionate about creating food flavorings, mainly sweet flavorings, for human food and beverages. We have chosen to dedicate ourselves to agri-food industrials at every step of the creation and industrialization process.


We have been by your side since 1953 to provide you with a wide range of customized solutions which have been tested and approved and are designed to enhance your products and create a specific signature.

Active solutions

Metarom has created ranges of natural flavoring solutions which are specifically dedicated to meeting your nutrition improvement challenges.

Our range of active flavoring solutions, Acti’sens®, is designed to improve the nutrition profile, mask unwanted off-notes and restore the flavor profile

The Acti’Boost® range is made up of natural flavorings designed to boost the perceived fat, sweet or salty taste, helping you come up with new, improved recipes with a higher nutrition score, without compromising on taste.

The Acti’Mask® range is made up of natural flavorings designed to mask unwanted off-notes which can occur when recipes are protein-enriched (pea, yeast or soya protein), enriched with amino acids and other macro and micro-nutrients or intense sweeteners.

and fillings

Metarom also specializes in the creation and production of special caramels, caramel flavorings, fillings and sauces.

Since 1953, Metarom has also been developing countless ranges of caramel fillings and toppings, as well as other warm and fruity notes, which can be used as coatings or for injecting, before or after baking.

They trusted us

We export our products in over 25 countries and our sales teams are constantly looking for innovations. METAROM’s bakestable fillings have allowed us to renew our offer. Their warm notes, their hazelnut butter and innovations in natural flavorings are highly appreciated.

Mr. V R&D Manager for an industrial bakery and pastry company
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