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Market health, trends, aromatic suggestions: download your Market Newsletter 2023

Market health, trends, aromatic suggestions: download your Market Newsletter 2023

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A precise analysis of your sectors

Since early 2021, Metarom has been offering resources linked to the trends of the various sweet food markets 3 times a year.

The marketing teams study trends in these markets, the evolution of flavor notes, regulatory updates, etc. Translated into English and German, Market Newsletters is a library of important information resources for food and drink manufacturers.

Download your Market Newsletter for your sector of activity!

Fill in this form to download your Market Newsletter free of charge and get to know:

  • The health of your figures in your sector
  • Consumer trends
  • The new products launched
  • Metarom’s recommendations

Active monitoring to stay up-to-date as regards  opportunities in your market

Our marketing team constantly monitors your markets to identify current and emerging trends. In this Market Newsletter, you'll find details of the latest product launches in Europe in your sectors of activity, thanks to precise analysis tools.

This analysis will enable you to find out what the competition is up to, to feed your future thoughts on flavoring, but also to identify growth opportunities and position yourself more competitively in your market.

Our Market Newsletter: the first step of our made-to-measure accompaniment

Whether you’re a small or large food company, our expertise and creativity are at your service: as your markets evolve, so do our solutions!

We identify market trends and adapt our offer to help you build your project. From expressing your expectations to validating our proposals and improving the nutritional value of your products, we offer you personalized support to help you create the ideal flavor that consumers want to enjoy.

Download your free Market Nesweletter

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